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Combine the power of dictation and AI in our revolutionary text editor to supercharge your writing process.

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Empower Your Voice with Cutting-Edge Technology

Explore how WhisperIt revolutionizes your writing experience with AI-driven features designed for speed, customization, and security.

Transform Your Speech into Polished Text

Leverage WhisperIt's advanced dictation to seamlessly convert your voice to text, enriched with real-time AI enhancements for immediate context-aware editing and formatting.

Tailor Your AI Experience with Uncompromised Privacy

Connect WhisperIt with any AI provider of your choice or host your own to ensure full control over data privacy and security—perfect for compliance-sensitive environments.

Accelerate Your Writing with Smart Auto-Complete

Experience next-level efficiency as WhisperIt's AI auto-complete predicts and extends your writing based on contextual understanding, saving time and enhancing content quality.


Flexible Monthly Plans to Fit Your Needs

Choose a WhisperIt plan that suits you best. Enjoy advanced AI-powered dictation and transcription tools with enhanced privacy and dedicated support, all for a monthly fee. No long-term commitment required.

WhisperIt Basic


Perfect for individuals and small teams, WhisperIt Basic provides essential dictation features with secure cloud storage and AI-powered transcription.

  • Essential dictation features
  • AI-powered transcription
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Email support
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WhisperIt Pro


Enhance your productivity with WhisperIt Pro, offering advanced privacy features and a private AI server for utmost security.

  • Advanced privacy features
  • Secure LLM server
  • Enhanced dictation and transcription tools
  • Access to secure AI servers, including Llama 3, Mistral or your favorite custom model
  • Priority email support
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Customize and secure WhisperIt for your enterprise with a self-hosted solution that integrates seamlessly with your favorite LLMs and privacy protocols.

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Everything you need

Unlock Full Productivity with Every Feature

Explore the diverse capabilities of WhisperIt, designed to enhance every aspect of your document creation and editing process with flexibility and precision.

Document Creation
Easily start new projects with our intuitive document editor, tailored for seamless content generation.
Multi-Format Export
Export your documents in multiple formats including HTML, text, PDF, and more, ensuring compatibility across platforms.
Custom AI Selection
Choose from leading AI providers like OpenAI, or integrate your own model for a personalized editing experience.
Advanced Dictation
Use voice commands to draft text and apply AI-driven transformations to adapt the output to specific formats or styles.
Historical Timeline
Access a chronological view of all your activities, making it easy to use past dictations.
Contextual Prompts
Enhance document relevance by using AI to apply contextual prompts, refining the text to better match your intended tone and purpose.
Privacy-Centric Design
Maintain full control over your data with our privacy-first architecture, ensuring that your information remains secure.
Versatile Sharing Options
Share your content directly through email, Twitter, or other platforms, with customizable sharing settings to fit your needs.


Hear from the Innovators Who Trust WhisperIt

“WhisperIt's templates blew me away. Going from dictation to a perfectly formatted and finished document without making a single edit is just incredible.”

Elias Stråvik

“WhisperIt has revolutionized how I edit meeting notes. The dictation feature is powerful, making quick edits effortless and precise. It's saved me time and significantly boosted my productivity.”

Stephan Schott

“WhisperIt leverages the strengths of AI in a very smart way, saving time and reducing errors. And Romain lives WhisperIt 110%. The support is amazing.”

Benjamin Behr

“WhisperIt is a must-have in my daily routine since I started using it. The best part is: the more I use it, the more I keep uncovering new use cases for it. It’s allowed me to start doing things with voice that I kept pushing to tomorrow, because the written part of the process was a blocker.”

Damien Terwagne

“Excellent dictation capabilities translate your voice straight to the text with fantastic quality. I don't need to type any more; I need to speak and get into my writing immediately. That's excellent. Another excellent feature of dictation, which is amazing, is the ability to evaluate your writing with AI. 🤖✍️ It's like an extra hand in the body. 🖐️ When working in a GovTech startup, privacy is number one; that's what WhisperIt can provide you with its private AI cloud.”

Andrew Red

“I highly recommend WhisperIt to anyone looking to enhance their note-taking process! It has significantly boosted my productivity. I’m not looking back.”

Nathan Cohen

“Great idea for a project, I could definitely see myself using this. I love writing but find getting the bulk of it down with my voice is my ideal way of writing. Good luck on the launch!🚀”

Daniel Cranney

“Well done on the launch Romain! This looks like a very useful tool - I like that you can choose your AI provider and the in-context options make so much sense! I'll be giving it a go!”

Jonathan McCallum

“Congrats on the launch Romain! I see continually how much care and effort you put into your work, and WhisperIt is a prime example of that. A great product by a great founder. Hope you have a lot of success with it 🫶”

Rob Hallam

“Love the logo - so on point. Congrats on the launch 🚀”

Sharath Kuruganty

“It is a very good idea, I hope it can meet the needs of working on it well with its good specifications.”

Abraham Shad

Choose Your AI

Privacy and Power at Your Command

Select from a range of trusted AI providers or host your own to ensure maximum security and tailor your experience to your specific needs.

Anthropic ClaudeOpenAI ChatGPTGoogle GeminiMistralCustom LLM in the cloud

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